Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My store my store! its here its here ! Heat Therapy Wraps!

here it is. sisters from another mister boutique! I just recently started making heat therapy wraps for easing achey muscles. because lord knows at the end of the day chasing two toddlers, i need it . Other uses are soothing sore muscles, leg cramps, knee pain, post surgical discomfort, neck pain, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia pain, back pain, comforting when ill, warming cold hands and feet in cool weather, keeping food warm.

they are about 17 x4in and are filled with a mix of rice and lentils to keep you warm and cozy. i can also add lavender or dried mint for a soothing scent.
the inside is a muslin cloth, and the outside is a slip cover for easy cleaning! i have a choice of fleece material or 100% cotton.

love these little guys. and i have lots of adorable fabric to choose from! Go check it out! go ! go!

p.s. my kids have one in their laps right now. as it is 4 degrees outside and fa fa fa freezing~