Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh the Weather outside is frightful..

but the fires so delightful, and since we no place to go... let it RAIN?
Okay not that im complaining even an ounce here. but Wheres my beautiful fluffy clean snow?ive got the boys snow suits, coats hats mittens boots, you name it we got it.. and the boys are still able to play in hoodies. what gives? nothing kicks off the holiday season like some of the crystaly fluffy stuff. Instead, over here in buffalo. the snow capital of the east, it drizzles and looks darn right miserable outside.

i'm calling shennanigans on the whole situation.

now excuse me while i turn my christmas cd on and make cocoa and cookies.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

gooooooooood morning world, after an exciting dream session with vampires, my sexy husband, and climbing thru tubes and whirlwind mazes, i find myself much more exhausted than even before i went to sleep. ah to be alive in my dreams, is what i TRUELY live for.. i just wish i could visit a coffee shop while amongst my REM sessions.

i've found myself longing for adventure. a new adventure. lets see what i can come up with now. oh. and if someone wants to donate the Cullens house in the movie twilight... that'd be pretty much tits right now. i'll even do the windows

Saturday, November 21, 2009

we're off to see the wizard

Getting ready to go for the day has never been so....slow. Finally an Outing with Most of my friends that have children, all together, in the same place..... What are we crazy? Well ..a lttle but thats besides the point. We're brave, and happy to be parents. We love seeing our children grow and learn and interact with one and other, it gives us a glimpse into what they may be like in the future.
Today i get to see friends ive known a long time, meet new friends, and get to know better some wonderful woman whom i don't get to see too much...

don't you worry.. pictures to come :O)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Can we just talk about something...

So today, in the good nature of my self bettering program, i decided to give some waxing a try. my legs were cake. Time consuming but minimum pain.. so... i decided to give my lady town a shot.. HOLY MOTHER OF #@#$#%#^ OWWW.

if i ever meet the bitch that invented the brazillian wax, im going to slap her from here till Sunday. Of course, being the renegade that i am. i slathered my top half with warm drippy wax, thinking 'ah this too will be cake' WRONG. pulled the first strip off and saw stars, the feeling reminded me slightly of when they took the tape off my c section wound and pulled a staple out with it.. mind you i had five more strips to yank...

someone get me some tequila, and some ice.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today the sun is shining. its beautiful out. i think it might very well be a better day.

the monkeys have yet to fling poo or get into anyting substancial yet. although they did take the paddle down and are scolding each other with it.. ( do i really look like that when i yell??)

i'm going shopping today for my secret santa gifts. and im SO!!! excited to shop for little girls.

oh. crap. gotta go. monkeys !! NO!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


for thursday to come, waiting for this sonogram is killing me!

it sucks not to know the outcome of what might, or might not be happening inside my body. i guess only time will tell.

keeping happy thoughts is tough right now tho. let me tell you.

im supposed to be taking it easy, doesn't the doctor know there is NO taking it easy with twins around? im exhausted. and when i overdo it i start to cramp. its horrible. its either neglect my kids, or neglect my body...

decisions decisions..