Monday, April 26, 2010

food in my hometown that i love so dearly

oh buffalo home to many food pleasures. here are a few of my favorites that i have never seen topped anywhere but here.
ahh the beef on weck. buffalos favorite sandwich. yum.
Chickenfinger pizza. you can actually hear yourself get fatter as you eat it, but im okay with it. i've never had it better anywhere then in buffalo

aunt rosies logan berry for starters, can't find it outside of western NY its AMAZING and sweet and delicious mixed with mountain dew or sprite. yuuum.

do you have a hometown favorite?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

when it rains

Today's the march of Dimes walk, and its pouring, oh well. we shall march on. we have beautiful pink shirts that were lovinginly decorated by Sadie's mom and Dad. and will be holding pink ballons and with that ill leave you with a song to suit my mood

Friday, April 23, 2010

hi mamas, im going on a temporary blogging hiatus, as im not sure how much longer we'll have internet. don't cry. i'll find a way, even if it means updating from the phone, but hey. we're broke, like. super broke. so. ta-ta for now

Sunday, April 18, 2010

playdates and mommys night outs!

the last two months my kiddos have been very busy growing as people, and i have been very busy making new mommy friends! oh how life has changed since 3 years ago, when we were out every friday night and sleeping till noon on the weekends. but i gotta tell ya, i love it. i really really do. Taking Charge of the buffalo moms rock playgroup may have been the best thing i ever did for myself, i get out of the house more, actually get dressed before noon( most of the time) and the kids are happier, more social and talking more! even mike has a little more pep in his step. here are some pictures from the last month's festivities. including our friday nigth MNO where five of us packed into the back of a cop car :) yea it was a tight squeeze. think 3 mommas one preggo mom and a very nice boy. hahaha oh my stars. what a night it was. oh, and don't forget about the bull riding!!

okay time to find some more debauchery to get into for next month. update soon!

Friday, April 16, 2010

sleep..or the lack of..

hey im doing a friday follow blog hop courtesy of

Now im not talking about NOT sleeping, i'm talkin about all the traveling i seem to be doing while im sleeping. My dreams have NEVER been so freekin crazy busy. i wake up and feel as if i haven't had a moments rest. but i vividly remember my wild night of... whatever it was we wre up to. man. some of the shenannagins i get into in my dream world. fighting alien(thanks war of the worlds) or building underground tunnels( thanks whatever showtime movie That was. ha.) or heck. dreaming about storybooks coming to life, that was totally inkheart that i watched. i'm coming to the conclusion, that i must definatly not watch tv or read before bedtime. my brain cant take it. okay time for a catnap. hopefully i wont dream of blogging. ha
After all the Daytime Highschool drama that was sent my way today, i feel as if i may need some wine, and a cookie. definatly a cookie. with extra filling.

its not easy being Head Honcho of a Moms group, we have over 150 active members, and boy. some girls just wanna start shit. seroiusly, this isnt highschool, grow up. put on your big girl panties, and deal with it. its not all about who did what and who said what. if you can't place nice, scoot.

okay. back to my happy place, where there is cookies, oh, and wine. and a massage waiting. byeeee

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

march for me

so today we've been working on our ideas for the march of dimes walk. everything is slowly falling into place for my fried Dee. She needs a good support group more than ever as her Due date approches. My heart breaks for her and her husband. I got to see Sadie's small beautiful urn yesterday nestled on a shelf with all of her little memories, quite beautiful indeed. i felt special to have her share that with me.

the march of dimes helps raise funds to help keep babies born too soon alive. i think its beautiful that this non for profit exisits to help provide medical treatment and continue to update research, so come on guys. donate, even a buck, because it could be your baby too someday.

Friday, April 9, 2010

beating hearts baby.....

so what song do you have stuck in your head today?

it's a toss up for me between the song the stuffed bear at gi gis house was singing( L is for the way u look at me, O is for the only one i seeeee. well. you get the point.

and beating hearts baby by head automatica. if you dont know the song, check it out. its fabulous. for real. :)

good day sunshine

Hello Freezing cold weather,

85 last weekend, 35 with some snow this weekend. Wait, what why? i didn't even get to flirt with you my springy friend, and alas buffalo has ran you out already. im Really hoping the weather comes back, as i wanted to get my gardens in this month :( anyone have a favorite thing to plant that you save tons of money on?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Raindrops, Unexplained Happenings, Naptime and Random thoughts.

today the rain is coming down sideways, but it looks beautiful. the trees are reaching up towards the sky to absorb it and use it to bloom.

the boys are sleeping blissfully in their rooms holding their 'babies' and hopefully dreaming sweet dreams. im listening to the same 3 songs over and over again. and wondering what you are thinking about?

the ghost made a visit again today, pulling all of my xmas cards down. i guess they don't like my "lazy" decoratings. yes i know its april. but please don't remind me by giving me a heart attack. for real.

i've been trying hard to decide if when the boys start school they should be seperated or not, for those of you thta have met my kids, you know they are stuck on each other like glue. at this point im thinking it would cause more damage than not. only time will tell.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my heart has a few extra rooms for rent

So it has come to my attention recently, in leiu of playdates and beautiful children, and things i've recently seen on T.V. , that my family is not whole yet. Yes ,Yes, i know mike just had a vasectomy, and we can no longer Physcially have children, but my heart is still not quite full yet. So Mike and i sat down the other night, and talked about Adoption, not yet, no.. the kids are a handfull right now, but when mike is done with nursing school, and the boys are in school themselves, we are both ready to accept another heart, or hearts, into our lives, Who are we to turn our backs on children that need us. We're put on this earth to love, nurture, teach children the right thing to do, but in foster homes, and in orphanages this sit, if they are not wandering the streets, fighting to stay warm.

no, no that just wont do.

so my friends, we Will adopt, we Will make a difference. and We will love them with all of our hearts.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Things going on in my life,
1. organizing meals, cleaning, work, bills home stuff here at my house
2. organizing meals and cleaning for a beautiful woman who recently lost her husband
3. organizing and planning a babyshower
4. breathing
5. starting the new insanity workout. yea the one that looks imposible. well. im going to try it. and succeed.
6. working more with my children on their speech, as it seems to be blooming as of this weekend
7. finding the way to pay at least $100 on each card a month. (yikes)
8. budgeting, yea.. the tough one. so that we can one day afford a healthy lifestyle and a mortgage without going into shock.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

(mostly) speechless saturday

My LOVES (all of them )Alex


my husband and icecream(in that order)

the new tricks i taught my hair