Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Financial Duress...

oh. the joys of money, or lack there of. on one hand i get to spend LOTS of time at home with the family. But i just CANT seem to get a hold on our budget. we try to cook and do things at home and be money savvy, but somewhere its going awry. It's hard to cook and clean and balence checkbooks and get everything paid on time. And if the moneys not there, it's just not there. My husband does a beautiful job of working hard and briging it home. but the bills are higher than the income.

So... here's my vow to do better this october, to have at least $200 in the bank left over so im not pulling my hair out and crying to my mommy.

Does anyone have any ideas? ANYONE!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


May as well be my middle name, and the internet a tool of lucifer. Every day at naptime i have a to do list a mile long. What do i do? Sit on the internet! This weekend the computer is going OFF OFF OFF,( except to pay bills, and sneak a peak at my blog, play on photoshop, oh and catch up on face book..) ...see what i mean. HELP is there a therapy group or something i can join? meanwhile my kids get slightly ignored and the house gets(stays) messier. okay. for real. im off to clean up. Really.. REALLY!! ... after i finish reading those 6 other posts about people i dont really know and Their problems with cleaning up too....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My car broke twice today. Awesome.

Monday, September 21, 2009

First day of..

FALLing ..in love with my husband over again

FALLing apart at the seams

FAlling for my innervoices yelling, "don't clean the house the knomes will do it
overnight while i'm sleeping"

FALLing over all the toys left out by my darling monkeys

FALLing down the rabbit hole

FALLing through the looking glass, seeing my life as it really is,FALLing into place

happy first day of fall..

i wonder what this semester of life will bring?

the crispness in the air, bonfires, leaves changing color, boots and peacoats, my heart almosts bursts, can't you hear it beating in time with the wind? i think it's changing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Your Smile...

Just Melts me Inside

Makes my Heart Sing

Your curosity makes my heart swell with pride

Who knew that these two little miracles could change the very existance that i know?

Cole and Alexander your a day away from 19 months old!!! wowie! where has all the time gone?

Alexander, at 19 months you say shoes, more, juice, all done all gone, bye bye , love carrots and apple juice, pretzels and Hummus, love to cuddle and dance , spoke first, walked second, and steal the hearts of anyone you come across

Coleybear, you say uh oh like its your job, you climb and run and jump and bounce off anything you can climb on to. LOVE the cheese off of pizza, sneak soda pop when were not looking, and love to share with your brother and make him feel better when he's sad.

Could i ask for sweeter kids? i think not!

Monday, September 14, 2009

How to survive a sick baby

#1 Have a strong connection with your husband, i swear we keep each other sane. He's my rock. and i am his Xanax. lol.

#2 Laugh so you don't cry at the 13 hours of Whining Crying Med refusing hot sweaty little boy

#3 Have a little Faith, i don't care to whom or what you pray to. but when there are no other options, you know i'm there.

#4 Never Ever take your parents for granted, boy to they come in handy when your panicing.. thanks Mama papa dad, Mikeand Ellie

Xander pants was a little feverish on saturday, by sunday morning he was spiking a fever of 103.7 and refusing anything to eat or drink. We took him into the pediatrician who decided he may or may not have Strep Throat (he's to young for it, It's hard to say, Blah Blah Blah..) She proceeded to perscribe an antibiotic and suggested lots of rest. He did pretty well all day afterwords, today on the otherhand... Awful. didn't want anything AGAIN to eat or drink( we got some gingerale down him, by putting it in a doctor pepper bottle. haha took a nap with him. woke up.. 104.2 WHAT!!! Isn't ibuproferin and antibiotics supposed to make him feel better? my tired, quiet, lethargic , listless baby boy layed their and wimpered. After half hour of scrambling to do any and everything i could possibly do to make him better, he snapped out of it and was suddenly dancing and eating rasins.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not having a computer sucks

Monday, September 7, 2009

Home from Vacation and....

I'm Totally and Utterly Exhausted.. isn't that how it's supposed to be though? And to think, the kids didn't miss me at all! It makes me sad to think about how much they are growing up and how much more independant they are now. They barely looked up from their toys when i walked in this morning. (sniffle)
But....our mini weekend away was grand in itself. i enjoyed the heck out of spending a night away with my Knight in Shining Armor, We battled long wait lines and conquered the fastest coasters, all in a days work of course.. and don't forget the barbaric Turkey Leg! yum yum yum yum yum. We got to eat whatever we wanted without having to share or have baby fingers snatching and running away. And.... i got to enjoy most of my coffee while my father in law chased the kids around his yard for the last bit of the morning.

We got home and there was a Labor day parade at the foot of our street so we strapped the kids in the stroller and scooted on down to enjoy the togies(horses) and the tuck tuck (fire trucks) , and get belted with gobs of treats rained down by each parade float and member of the election boards yes they were out shaking hands and kissing babies, lol

after about an hour and some sticky candy smudged tear stained cheeks, the boys went down for their nap...and didn't get up for....3 and 1/2 hours!!!!!! thanks babies. this crazy lady needed a little longer to rest.

ill post up a beautiful picture of my three favorite men,as soon as the computer stops being uncooperative.

Good Night Neverland.