Friday, November 20, 2009

Can we just talk about something...

So today, in the good nature of my self bettering program, i decided to give some waxing a try. my legs were cake. Time consuming but minimum pain.. so... i decided to give my lady town a shot.. HOLY MOTHER OF #@#$#%#^ OWWW.

if i ever meet the bitch that invented the brazillian wax, im going to slap her from here till Sunday. Of course, being the renegade that i am. i slathered my top half with warm drippy wax, thinking 'ah this too will be cake' WRONG. pulled the first strip off and saw stars, the feeling reminded me slightly of when they took the tape off my c section wound and pulled a staple out with it.. mind you i had five more strips to yank...

someone get me some tequila, and some ice.

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