Tuesday, January 5, 2010

round round round round i get around...

i sit here in tears this morning, as my kids rip apart my living room, destroying all my hard work, there's just too much stuff to contend with here. when they go down for their nap im going to be doing some serious downsizing wiht their toys. they're just not all necessary now. and i doubt they'll even notice. we have a whole toy box and three laundry baskets full of stuff. not to mention the riding toys and trucks and cars. ARRRUUUGGGGHHH. if i step on one more matchbox car ill scream. again. i think cabin fever is setting in

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  1. oh, i am *so* with you on the cabin fever thing, mama. it's really tough this time of year to keep sane, isn't it? between the massive indoor messes and the runny noses, i am worn out. for real. when the kiddies got their new toys for christmas, i boxed up a TON of old ones and put them in the basement. then, in a couple of months, i'll pull a switcheroo and it'll be like christmas all over again! but with old junk. haha.


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