Monday, August 16, 2010

a day at the races

so our good friends had free tickets to the races this past weekend. the boys absolutly loved it(just not the sitting down part) they dug the cool ear plugs, the cheering for the fast cars, the CRAAASH of the bang ups when the cars smashed into one and other. and Yes their heads turned in unison as the cars sped past. thanks Jess for the free tickets and the GREAT day


  1. I remember going to the races with my dad and grandfather. It was way too loud! Even my grandfather who was deaf (had hearings aids) was complaining about the noise. LOL.

  2. yea, the boys didnt mind keeping the ear protection in. they thought they were super cool!

  3. hey i found your blog through the mom blog network! I to am from buffalo!!! my son loves going to the race track. My father in law drag races his bike on friday nights so we are regulars, my son thought the ear plug things were pretty cool as well!
    Its nice to see another Buffalo mommy blogging! have a great weekend!


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