Friday, March 11, 2011

victory gardens,

I've started to play around with the idea of growing a "victory garden" like they did in times of war, to help supply the locals with fresh vegtables to cook with. i think it will also be a great learning tool for my boys and the little boy i babysit. Annnnd ill be bloggging about it right here, following the journey in pictures ! hopefully i can scrounge up enough money to start my seedlings soon, so by spring they will be ready to plant .. here we go!


  1. Personally I LOVE gardening and I know that right now is about the time to start for the new season. I should really stop worrying about some of my problems and just get started growing things! God has blessed me with a back yard so I should really use it!

  2. Following from MBC

  3. angel! thats a GREAT idea!!! i'd love to see your garden too!


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