Monday, September 7, 2009

Home from Vacation and....

I'm Totally and Utterly Exhausted.. isn't that how it's supposed to be though? And to think, the kids didn't miss me at all! It makes me sad to think about how much they are growing up and how much more independant they are now. They barely looked up from their toys when i walked in this morning. (sniffle)
But....our mini weekend away was grand in itself. i enjoyed the heck out of spending a night away with my Knight in Shining Armor, We battled long wait lines and conquered the fastest coasters, all in a days work of course.. and don't forget the barbaric Turkey Leg! yum yum yum yum yum. We got to eat whatever we wanted without having to share or have baby fingers snatching and running away. And.... i got to enjoy most of my coffee while my father in law chased the kids around his yard for the last bit of the morning.

We got home and there was a Labor day parade at the foot of our street so we strapped the kids in the stroller and scooted on down to enjoy the togies(horses) and the tuck tuck (fire trucks) , and get belted with gobs of treats rained down by each parade float and member of the election boards yes they were out shaking hands and kissing babies, lol

after about an hour and some sticky candy smudged tear stained cheeks, the boys went down for their nap...and didn't get up for....3 and 1/2 hours!!!!!! thanks babies. this crazy lady needed a little longer to rest.

ill post up a beautiful picture of my three favorite men,as soon as the computer stops being uncooperative.

Good Night Neverland.

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