Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Your Smile...

Just Melts me Inside

Makes my Heart Sing

Your curosity makes my heart swell with pride

Who knew that these two little miracles could change the very existance that i know?

Cole and Alexander your a day away from 19 months old!!! wowie! where has all the time gone?

Alexander, at 19 months you say shoes, more, juice, all done all gone, bye bye , love carrots and apple juice, pretzels and Hummus, love to cuddle and dance , spoke first, walked second, and steal the hearts of anyone you come across

Coleybear, you say uh oh like its your job, you climb and run and jump and bounce off anything you can climb on to. LOVE the cheese off of pizza, sneak soda pop when were not looking, and love to share with your brother and make him feel better when he's sad.

Could i ask for sweeter kids? i think not!

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