Monday, September 14, 2009

How to survive a sick baby

#1 Have a strong connection with your husband, i swear we keep each other sane. He's my rock. and i am his Xanax. lol.

#2 Laugh so you don't cry at the 13 hours of Whining Crying Med refusing hot sweaty little boy

#3 Have a little Faith, i don't care to whom or what you pray to. but when there are no other options, you know i'm there.

#4 Never Ever take your parents for granted, boy to they come in handy when your panicing.. thanks Mama papa dad, Mikeand Ellie

Xander pants was a little feverish on saturday, by sunday morning he was spiking a fever of 103.7 and refusing anything to eat or drink. We took him into the pediatrician who decided he may or may not have Strep Throat (he's to young for it, It's hard to say, Blah Blah Blah..) She proceeded to perscribe an antibiotic and suggested lots of rest. He did pretty well all day afterwords, today on the otherhand... Awful. didn't want anything AGAIN to eat or drink( we got some gingerale down him, by putting it in a doctor pepper bottle. haha took a nap with him. woke up.. 104.2 WHAT!!! Isn't ibuproferin and antibiotics supposed to make him feel better? my tired, quiet, lethargic , listless baby boy layed their and wimpered. After half hour of scrambling to do any and everything i could possibly do to make him better, he snapped out of it and was suddenly dancing and eating rasins.



  1. glad everyone's on the mend! my boys are nursing colds too :-(

  2. Thanks April. i almost had a panic attack. it doesnt help whtn my other man ISNT sick and has more energy then a cracked out duster. eesh.


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