Saturday, August 29, 2009


Some days i spend all day dreaming myself out of my home, into the world around me. Dreaming of the possibilities and places i could be, should be , would be if i did not happen to be tied down by that little thing called my life. I often think that i could be sailing in Greece or working as a color artist in London or France, living up to my "potential".
The last few weeks i found myself dreaming of my life, at home with my family, and i couldn't be more "at home" in my thoughts. Something inside me lately finds me very much rooted to the spot that i have made into a home. I am truely in a Love affair with everything that is my life , i am passionate about my friends , family, and duties as a wife and lover. I feel the pull of mother earth with every whisper of the changing seasons. It grasps at every new feeling, new lesson learned..holds onto every pearl of laughter let go by my darling monkeys. I feel Change happening, and its telling me to live and grow with everything that is ...ME..

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