Friday, February 5, 2010

the dreaded time out

today alex was in a mood, the kind of mood where ya looked at him and he came out swinging.
he swung in fact, and clocked his brother right in the dome. well.. i cant let this go on, so i place him in our time out chair. not only was he outraged at this, but his brother was sad that he was in trouble, so he sat at the foot of the chair, and they both cried... nevertheless, they both sat there until the time ran out.. alex got down, and his brother smacked him back. nothing like delayed gratifacation... and we repeat the process.. four times.. sigh...


  1. I know this had to be so frustrating for you at the time, but it really is kinda funny. Hope they got the lesson and your little monkeys quit hitting each other.

  2. I agree that has to be nipped in the bud. I have girls and fortunately they don't hit each other, but they do sometimes shove one another. That's never tolerated. We pretty much follow the same motto as they do at school - "Keep your hands and feet to yourself!"


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