Friday, February 19, 2010

My boys Turned two, never have i ever been prouder, they can talk so much more , climb higher, yell louder, compete against other for attention, feed themselves, dress(sort of) themselves, watch a tv show for a solid half hour. and give real hugs and kisses.

oh i made quite the pair, and oh, i never knew i could love anything so much, until i loved them even more

Double the pleasure
Double the fun
Double the chaos
with 2, not just 1.

Double the groceries
Double the food
Double the clothes
They both outgrew.

Double the treasure
It's only just begun
The joy they bring together
will never be outdone.

Happy 2nd Birthday boys Mommy and Daddy Love you Very Very much


  1. Happy Birthday to Alex and Cole! For me, it just got better... I loved Hayden's increased independence... It is wonderful!!!

  2. That's awesome! Hope they have a wonderful birthday. :)

    ~ Melanie

  3. Happy Birthday Alex and Cole!
    Congratulations to Mom and Dad for making it this far!!

  4. happy birthday! holy crap, 2 years old!? time flies, doesn't it? and congrats, mama, on making it. you're my hero. :)

  5. Happy (late) birthday!!! They are adorable, and I agree - "Holy crap, they're two?" Time flies...


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