Tuesday, February 2, 2010

songs to suit the mood

Fought away the sleepless hours Unsettled dreams will make you keep You can paint them all your brilliant colors Just don't fall off into the deep Happiness is not a burden Oh, how the pendulum will swing I have felt the ground, I've seen the seeds Out of which grew golden wings

you ever have one of those days where you can quite figure out the mood your in? it goes from overwhelming exhaustion, to sweet, to bittersweet, to melancholic , to content but with tears in your eyes?

for some reason this song covers that, not so much just in the words, but the melody, its called everblue by mandy moore.
its pretty fantastic. now hold on just a minute, im not going soft on ya, i just love love love this song. and to be honest with you. mike likes it too. so there. besides, shes my girl crush. for real. and i'll leave you with a pretty picture. because, you might have a crush on her too.. its just waiting to happen. come on jump on the band wagon
who's Your girl crush?

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