Monday, February 8, 2010

hey sandman, where ya at?

Today, i would really like the boys to simmer down and take a nap. I'm still getting better from whatever the heck i did to my tonsils by trying to get yucky stuff unstuck. yea. great idea. and i would kill for a minute to myself, well.. maybe not kill.. but risk my kids losing their voices just to get a minutes peace around here.

Anywho. they're both SCREECHING at the tippy top of their lungs at the unjustice i have caused them by placing them in their very nice very comfy cribs with their doggys and a fan going. HOW DARE I provide them with the nap they need to prevent a nuclear melt down around dinner time, cuz no mom in this house will dare give them a nap at five pm, only to have them raring to go at say... 11:30 pm. nope, not me.

So if any of you are good at astral projection, can you please mosey on into their rooms and tell them"hey, it's alright, everyone needs a nap, the world would be a much better place!" cuz if I go in there it's all over. We start from square one.

i'll let it go for 20 minutes to see if Cole takes a chill pill, or exhausts himself.

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  1. ugh. what IS IT with kiddies thinking that they know better than their mamas!? everyone needs naps. that's a fact.


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