Friday, March 5, 2010

are we really happy with who we are right now?

no new pictures to throw on up right this minute, but however i am going to TWO awesome concerts in the new few months( ya see.. this mom/grownup/housewife/responsible sensible me needs to be caged sometimes to let ME back out.. so i'm going to see paramore with my sister in columbus in may, and in april the hubbs and i are going to see Alexisonfire. oh. im so pumped. they are fantastic live. FANTASTIC. i only wish they were touring with .Moneen. still ...sigh. okay.

on a mom related side, the kids are on the mend. they had a lovley playdate today, minimal tantrums over who got the choo coo or truck. :O)


  1. Have fun at the concert. I understand your urge to do something un-Mommy-like. There was a time before husband and kids when I had hot pink streaks in my hair and every once in awhile that part of me wants to sneak out again for just a little while.

  2. oh, heck yea girl! i am so freakin' jealous that you're going to see Paramore. love hayley like mad. and good for you for getting out and having fun! :)


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