Thursday, March 11, 2010

did you know??

thanks for the idea mrs b!!

ask me anything! come on i know you've all got questions. ill answer honestly , honest.


  1. Does it piss you off when people refer to Cole and Alex as the boys or the twins?

    How do you keep your Sex life exciting?

    If Cole and Alex were girls what would you have named them?

    What do you make for the family when you need a get out of Dinner/dishes meal?

    What's your faith like.

    Well that should get things started, great post!

  2. Honestly it doesn;'t bother me yet, as of right now they are so alike, and Never ever apart, that they are almost a single entity. and i know no one means any harm by it.

    my sex life is sometimes null and void, but we've ,ahem, picked it up latley, hes finally healed from his Vasectomy. My rule as of late. keep it OUT of the bedroom. anywhere is game, but the bedroom is a no no. or ill leave him hints as to where my pretty little things are hiding around the house, he'll get a text thruout the day. or a wink wink. picture message. hehe. no really tho.

    Cole and alex if they were girls would of been Rya grace, Lila ellesabeth, or Kayla jane. we had three picked out just incase one didnt look like one of them.

    ya know, i wasn't raised on religion, heck. i'm not baptized. but i do feel sometimes that there is a greater good out there sometimes i can feel it in the sunshine, on the warm breeze that sends shivers down your spine, on the tip of your tounge right before you say the right thing, or hold the door, it's there when your child smiles love up into your face. and in the tears you shed at a silly commercial. whatever it is. its there. and i have faith in it.

    i am a HUGE 1 dish casserole kinda girl. the boys love the cheese chicken and rice casserole kraft has a great recipe. 5 ingrediants on dish. presto! and im not ashamed to use the "fine china" paper plates galore. oh. and i kick ass at chinese take out


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