Monday, March 8, 2010

March. make a real difference

you know, i've never thrown myself into anything crazy, not in a long time. i havent shown terrible interest in anything unknown, but this week, ive started collecting for the March of Dimes, why? because it makes a huge difference to some tiny people. ones that cant help themselves, that are vulnerable and weak, but fighters none the same.

did you ever wonder what good the money you spent on that coffee or that bag of chips could Really do?

i tell ya what. with that money, i can help babies born to early LIVE , to grow up to be teachers, peace keepers, world leaders.

but only if someone like me finds the time to throw myself into it.

We are doing the march of dimes for a friend whos baby did NOT make it, in Sadies memory. We will walk because that is all her mommy can do to try and make it right. it gives her a little hope to hold onto, knowing that maybe she can be someone elses angel.

come on guys, join me in the march of dimes just by clicking here, donate $5 $1 even,in your kids name, and know that you helped make a difference


  1. Hey lady, I just wanted to make sure you got the email I sent you on Sunday about winning the Flirty Girl tee. Can you please get back to me by tomorrow morning with your selection? TY!!!

  2. Go You!
    Thanks so much for taking on this new adventure!! It means a lot!!
    Sarah and Hunter!


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