Monday, March 29, 2010

weekend rundown.

My oh My did we have a fun filled weekend, the monkeys behaved,(mostly) and we got to catch up on everyones lives, friday night we just hung out as mike had to work saturday morning, but saturday night was a great time at the casino buffet with mike and his parents, who dress up nice if i do say so myself. Dad got to spend some time with the wondertwins, and i think he appreciates how much work i do all day long. Mikeys brother took up babysitting sat evening and off to see some old friends we went.

Sunday i was brave and had ten little kids running around here at the crazy house. thats 100 fingers to get into things, 10 mouths to screech, and 10 smiles playing nicely together, while the parents got to better know each other. no accidents, no tears,(mostly) and everyone was pooped out by the end of the dance party. boy i am starting to get the hang of this mom thing. especially finding the balence between mom and me

only 3 months till my little cousin comes to stay for the summer. it'll be great to have her here And ill get a preview of teenagerdom

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