Tuesday, March 16, 2010

flight of the monkeys.

Have you ever witnessed a flock of birds take flight, i mean Thousands of birds at once? it truely is remarkable, the air looks as if its full of energy, shifting and moving in sync, but never losing sight of where each set of wings are.

i wish life moved as slowly as that

today went great, until it didnt. came home had a great walk with the kids, my shoulder started to hurt, i got cranky, mike got cranky to match. the kids got crankier, alex got his hand pinched in the door. and now everyones sitting on the couch ignoring each other. yay.

maybe tomorrow will be seamless. maybe.


  1. Oh no! We all have those days!

  2. Hope your shoulder feels better and everyone's moods improve with a good night's sleep.

  3. those days are all too familiar, mama. hoping for a better tomorrow.


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