Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my heart has a few extra rooms for rent

So it has come to my attention recently, in leiu of playdates and beautiful children, and things i've recently seen on T.V. , that my family is not whole yet. Yes ,Yes, i know mike just had a vasectomy, and we can no longer Physcially have children, but my heart is still not quite full yet. So Mike and i sat down the other night, and talked about Adoption, not yet, no.. the kids are a handfull right now, but when mike is done with nursing school, and the boys are in school themselves, we are both ready to accept another heart, or hearts, into our lives, Who are we to turn our backs on children that need us. We're put on this earth to love, nurture, teach children the right thing to do, but in foster homes, and in orphanages this sit, if they are not wandering the streets, fighting to stay warm.

no, no that just wont do.

so my friends, we Will adopt, we Will make a difference. and We will love them with all of our hearts.


  1. So funny you wrote this. Jonathan and I were talking about adoption later on down the road as well. It's something that's always been on my heart, but something that he always seemed opposed to for himself. Maybe God's been working in his heart. Now if I can just get him comfortable with the idea of my working in an inner-city clinic once I graduate...

  2. Woo-hoo! BTW-- you will make a difference!

  3. fear: vasectomies lead to a greater desire for children.

    we just decided that the hubbs will get the snip.

    we also decided that if we want more, we will adopt.

    you have confirmed this fear.


  4. Just found your blog through Mrs. B at Discovering Wildlife...I have 19 month b/g twins and we have considered the same thing...the paperwork is daunting, but I think this might actually happen! Can't wait to read more!

  5. i love you for this. i love you for a ton of reasons, but this, this is awesome.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog. You have a fabulous blog! I am following you... I also love children. I only had 3 but could have easily been Angelina Jolie if I had the money. I would love to have adopted. Now, at 43, I am a grandmother to a wonderful grandson and have 2 more on the way.

  7. What an awesome decision! I applaud you and support you 100%!! :D


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