Friday, April 16, 2010

After all the Daytime Highschool drama that was sent my way today, i feel as if i may need some wine, and a cookie. definatly a cookie. with extra filling.

its not easy being Head Honcho of a Moms group, we have over 150 active members, and boy. some girls just wanna start shit. seroiusly, this isnt highschool, grow up. put on your big girl panties, and deal with it. its not all about who did what and who said what. if you can't place nice, scoot.

okay. back to my happy place, where there is cookies, oh, and wine. and a massage waiting. byeeee


  1. Ugh, that's annoying! If I were you, I'd have 3 cookies. And possibly 2 glasses of wine.

  2. Oh, I hear ya..enough with the drama. Cookies, wine and massage. Sounds divine!!!

  3. i made it as far as the cookie. my husband "says he rubbed my back" but i was gone to the world. the last thing i remembre is some elves fighting some ugly muther truckers on the tv. and the bizarre dreams that followed

  4. i like to eat entire rows of cookies when i'm stressed. or ya know, just for no reason at all other than THEY'RE COOKIES! thinking of you, mama. hang in there, love.


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