Monday, April 26, 2010

food in my hometown that i love so dearly

oh buffalo home to many food pleasures. here are a few of my favorites that i have never seen topped anywhere but here.
ahh the beef on weck. buffalos favorite sandwich. yum.
Chickenfinger pizza. you can actually hear yourself get fatter as you eat it, but im okay with it. i've never had it better anywhere then in buffalo

aunt rosies logan berry for starters, can't find it outside of western NY its AMAZING and sweet and delicious mixed with mountain dew or sprite. yuuum.

do you have a hometown favorite?


  1. Those wings made my mouth water.

    I miss raw oysters from Long Island...a lot!

  2. i've never eaten an oyster. i bet they are good tho!

  3. Elephant Ears there only here once a year though so how about fresh caught in front of your eyes lake michigan perch. Yummy!


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