Monday, April 5, 2010


Things going on in my life,
1. organizing meals, cleaning, work, bills home stuff here at my house
2. organizing meals and cleaning for a beautiful woman who recently lost her husband
3. organizing and planning a babyshower
4. breathing
5. starting the new insanity workout. yea the one that looks imposible. well. im going to try it. and succeed.
6. working more with my children on their speech, as it seems to be blooming as of this weekend
7. finding the way to pay at least $100 on each card a month. (yikes)
8. budgeting, yea.. the tough one. so that we can one day afford a healthy lifestyle and a mortgage without going into shock.

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  1. i dread budgeting. dread it. but, it must be done i suppose. and breathing. yea, breathing is pretty important too. love to you, mama!


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