Friday, August 7, 2009

The Dreaded bathing Suit

Well here we are folks, finally a warmer weather stretch in good ol buffalo ny. Last year i was so busy with my twinfants i didnt even realize summer and come and gone. Here's the thing, that slammin beautiful bodacious babe body i had before my bundles of joy has gone on whats the word im looking for, hiatus? that'll have to do. where i once would strip down to my teeeeeny weeeeny bikinni,i am now actually sweating at the prospect of having to reveal any of my former self. My husbands great... ""your beautiful to me, and look at your children...blah blah blahand so on and so forth"
and in that mindset sure, ive earned my tiger striping, and my uncharted highways,freeways,underpasses,viaducts... you name it i probably got it.
i dont care what you say, kangaroo pouches should NOT be for public viewing, ah.. now on to bigger choices like, where did mike put all of his Large t-shirts. Look out water here i come

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