Thursday, August 6, 2009

My life as i see it or ::how the heck did i get here::

Headstands, you know i never really gave them too much thought. I mean , come on what pleasure can come from the blood rushing to your head and mussing yoru hair up. Until i was shown a different way of looking at things.
My boys Cole and Alexander defiantly have a unique way of looking at things,being babies and all. When the boys , particularly alex become overwhelmed at life, never failingly will stick his butt in the air and head on the ground ::think downward dog yoga style:: and im convinced life simplifies. He is able to chill out and come back from whatever got him miffed.
If life really really Really was that simple

Life has a mom can be summed up by the words that were sent to us in a card from a well wisher on the birth of my twin boys welcome to the most wonderful and most challenging part of your life.

I Love my boys , i love being the boo boo kissing, bum wiping peekaboo playing, fruit snack bribing , 5 second rule believing , doting mom that i have become.
On the days that i have actually left the room to scream in a pillow i congratulate myself for making it as far as the bedroom without tripping over something that was deserted or as im convinced meticulously placed as booby traps. (monkey see monkey do..or more aptly named search and destroy as of late) my fabulous darling boys may or may not be out to get us as parents. Everyone loves the stories about the abrupt death of our beloved laptop, the phone in the bathtub, the phone in the bathtub again... well you get the point. i find myself only expressing the witty things they do. i keep the best for me, the snuggles on the pillow in the morning, the first smile of the day, the twintalk that means nothing to me yet. but im sure is full of meaning. exhausting me to the point of me druling on the keyboard ...
for now i am shutting down for routine maintnence , for this well oiled machine can not run on its own... Goodnight neverland

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