Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh What a night.

So girls night went fabulously as planned! It was wonderful to be away from the kids. Every mom deserves a small break to just be free , not have to watch her mouth and just talk a bout everything. Well let me tell you, my girls know how to make ya feel gooooood. the trip out to ski country was beautiful, there were No dead deer on the road( they tend to bring my mood down a smidge), singing to all of our favorite old songs,and the food and Drinks were AMAZING. It's so much easier to connect when you are an hour from home. oh, and we decided on an incentive trip to.... VEGAS BABY!!!

Dinner the other night went amazing. ill put the recipe and pictures up soon. Thanks to my girls for a great and memorable evening

oh.. and just because they are cute...Roley poley Coley

Captain Alexander pants

See?? adorable

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