Saturday, August 8, 2009

on average..

in the ordinary average ten minutes i think i say no or stop that or get down or dont touch at least 37 times, more if they have had too much sugar or are feeling a little fiesty.

On Average i remove "things that are 'yucky' " 6 times, kiss boo boos at least twice, blow on food regardless if its dinner or a gummy they proudly retrieved from the depths of the couch cushions, just to make sure its definatly not too hot. crack out the vacum cleaner the moments cereal seems to willfully jump from the bag 3 and a half times (the half is usually when ive made it to the destination but the monkies have unplugged the vacum and then sat on the cereal like little knights guarding their kingdom.

screamed into a pillow three times , laughed at their antics countless time, and smiled once at the very thought that i get to shape these little boys lives

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