Saturday, August 22, 2009

Laughing because otherwise...

i might scream cry pout or go completely batshit crazy! The house is still in Shambles, i just stress ate a Whole can of Chef Boyarde doused in franks hotsauce( my ass will thank me for that later, im sure). Who's Fantastic idea was it to give me a set of twins?!?!? Am i mother natures personal joke? They're not even that BAD. i just can't keep up. i cant keep an eye on them at all times, and i find my self frustrated to the point of exhaustion. They are sweet and snuggly and loud and whiney and i just see why i lose my temper so easy! I put Coleybear in his first time out today. i think it hurt me more than him. he was in the garbage ,AGAIN. because i threw out candy he knew there was more of, and simply wanted ..Mo? Mo mama? well. i seen red , i grabbed him by his tiny precious hand and hauled him off to his crib. Apparently Alexander and Cole do have an immense connection because the second his little feet hit the bottom of the crib Alex SCREAMED from the other room. for the entire minute( or was it an eternity) that i kept him confined for his "time out" alex sobbed at his feet. I felt like the worst mama ever. oh gosh. i never want to feel that way again... welcome to parenthood.


  1. I'm sure you're a wonderful mommy! I obviously have no clue about motherhood or parenting and the like, but I'm sure you're going to raise 2 wonderfully awesome kids!

  2. I hope he gets that text about the Riesling!


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